Embroidered Towels

From Simple to Complex custom logo on Towels

When it comes to have embroidered towels its easy you just email us the design and we reply with a quote. You can browse through our range of plain towelling so the only thing now needed is to get the cost of the embroidery logo. To determine the most accurate price one you really need to send the design to be digitised to get the stitch count in the design from which we can determine the final cost or complexity of the logo. A simple formula would be a bigger the design the more stitches it will have hence making it more expensive.

If you have price limit and need a very keen price then speak to our sales team who would be glad to assist you in the right way to keep within the budget for embroidered towels.

Getting custom embroidery logo is easy and fast

Our Tajima and Barudan brand of embroidery machine can cater for very complex designs. There are many position to having the logo on towels. The most popular being having a small 11x11 cm logo on the corner side of the item. A bigger logo would cost more so if you are sure the end market would pay that kind of price then having a large logo would look great on a towel.

Typically a logo cost from £1.50 - £2.50 range depending on the complexity of the design. Larger design could cost up to £5 or £6.

For logo design there is one off set up charge to digitise the logo but text embroidery incur no set up charges. Call today for more information on our price structure.